Autism Assistance Dogs in Tampa, FL

Inghram’s Sit ‘N Stay Dog Academy sources and trains service dogs to support children with autism.

The Rebstock family wishes to convey to you just how precious and powerful the bond is between their autistic son, Eli and their Autism Service Dog, Tooska.

Matt Rebstock
April 4 at 3:38pm
Heroic Act of Love and Devotion to his Master:
Tooska ❤ Eli
Today at noon, Eli jumped out of the dentist chair then ran throughout the dentist office looking for an escape. He hit the front door running out into the parking lot.
Mama was in hot pursuit but Eli gained 20 yards on her in the parking lot.
By the time Tooska and I hit the door Eli was 40 yards away and mama was loosing ground. My only option was to jump in the car and chase him down. Tooska was pulling me HARD towards Eli and Melissa and I had to make a decision. Let Tooska go and get in the car immediately or try to drag Tooska in the car with me. So I screamed and commanded Tooska, "Go get Eli!" and I turned him loose.
WOW! The most amazing thing I have ever seen. I have seen Tooska running around our yard and he is fast but what I witnessed was mind blowing. Tooska took off like a Greyhound dog at the track. He caught Eli within 3 seconds! Tooska stopped Eli and stood in front of him until Melissa caught up. We actually teared up. Stopping Eli in dangerous situations is the main reason we got Tooska. This act preformed by Tooska was never practiced with Eli or used in a REAL LIFE SAVING scenario. A car could have backup and seriously injured or killed Eli. Tooska is our HERO and received many praises. It is so amazing that he fed off our energy that Eli was in imminent danger and he knew what to do without hesitation and perfect execution. We love Tooska so much and his trainer Mr. Clarke Inghram.


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Autism Assistance Dogs
Individuals with sensory processing disorders can greatly benefit from a service dog. Service dogs for children with Autism act as constant companions, allowing them to improve social interactions and build relationships with people, as well as expanding both nonverbal and verbal communications. Service dogs can also increase interest in activities and teach life skills, preparing and helping children with Autism cope with the world around them. In some cases, large breed Autism Assistance dogs can act as safety anchors for children who run. These dogs are usually large breed dogs, as they need to serve the needs of growing children. They are extensively trained to handle a variety of situations with children, both in public and in day-to-day home life, assisting in specifically trained tasks. The bond between these service dogs and their children is like no other.
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