Obedience Training in Tampa, FL

Obedience Training

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Inghram’s Sit ‘N Stay Dog Academy offers free evaluation and consultation. Clarke Inghram believes all dogs and dog owners should seek professional training. A well-trained pet reduces issues, and reduces the likelihood a dog will be destroyed. IDA evaluates dogs based on routine basic obedience: “Sit,” “Stay,” “Heel,” and “Come.” Then we will consult with you to make suggestions and recommendations.

Basic Obedience Course:

It is our belief that all dogs should have manners, just as we expect other people to. Although you may appreciate the excitement your dog feels when you come home after a long day of work, it is a safe assumption that you don’t appreciate being jumped on, mouthed or barked at! Participation in our Basic Obedience Program will teach your dog basic manners to become an enjoyable, polite member of your household. A solid foundation of composure and tolerance will allow your dog to become the obedient companion you have always wanted. There are several different levels of the Basic Obedience Program to choose from ranging from learning the 5 basic commands, heel, sit, stay, down, stay and come, to 10+ commands. Be sure to discuss your specific needs with a trainer in your FREE EVALUATION to find the perfect Basic Obedience Package for you!

Advanced Obedience:

The Advanced Obedience Program expands on the Basic Obedience Program to take your dog to the next level of obedience. While the basic program offers on-leash training only, the advanced course teaches your dog to be responsive to both on and off leash command. Using hand, voice, and body commands your dog will learn to read you and respond to your expectations consistently. Along with the installation of tolerance and composure your dog will learn a total of 15 commands. This program is also the foundation for all Therapy & Service Dog Programs offered at Inghram’s Sit N Stay Dog Academy.


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